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How to Obtain Fast & Cleaned Mac OS X With Free Apps

By Mohammad Laif → Dec 16, 2015
Have you recently felt a little bit sluggish in your Mac Device? You may notice that slowness by doing simple tasks. Like a search through Spotlight. Or opening a file by another program "Open With" and stuck with that little process "fetching..." for long time. Or you notice a slow time on opening apps more than what you experienced before when your mac was fresh. All of this slowness problems are produced due to the accumulation of junk in your system! Therefore It is necessary to clean up your Mac OS from time to time. Here are some tips & free apps to keeps your Mac clean & fast.

Health Exercise Apps to Starter With

By Mohammad Laif → Oct 20, 2015
Health vary to many types, and what concerns us here is the physical health, as it affect our body and mind. There is no doubt in many cases we ignore exercising! Maybe due to our preoccupation in work environment or collages that cause the lack of time to do exercises! In this topic you'll find some of the best android apps to maintain your health and monitor it in interesting and useful way by phones apps.

Tips To Make Chrome Faster In Mac

By Mohammad Laif → Sep 17, 2015
How you can make google chrome faster & stable in Mac OS. This topic will help you to gain more speed to chrome in mac by disabling & controlling extensions, apps, plugins and data history. Also these tips help you to reduce the global problem of chrome which is: the hunger for memory.

Best Mac App Store Alternative To Download Mac Apps

By Mohammad Laif → Aug 18, 2015
Mac app store doesn't have many apps especially free apps, maybe that because most developers won't pay apple store fees which is too much $99/year if developers consider uploading their free apps and paying 99$ every year without benefits! that would be loss to them. Therefore many of them consider to upload their apps on free stores and their own websites. You will find in this topic almost all good stores and sites that you can download apps from them, you can call them apple store alternatives.

Best Two TV Shows For Computer Geeks

By Mohammad Laif → Aug 13, 2015
Do you remember watching tv-show or movies that has no quality in computing acting? I’m sure you saw many bad computer/hacking scenes that aren't realistic at all! Like hacking by pushing all the keyboard keys at once! Here I will sort two of the best tv show for computer geeks.

What Movie Should You Watch Next - Want Recommendation?

By Mohammad Laif → Aug 6, 2015
Did you recently watch some movie that you liked? Inspired by its idea! Or maybe you loved that story, acting, drama, etc…! I'm sure you want to watch more like it? So here are ways to find similar & recommendation movies to what you loved.

Gaming On Mac! What You Need To Know

By Mohammad Laif → Jul 31, 2015
Is apple mac os good for gaming? Short answer is: Yes, it is!. Since I was a PC Gamer "why I switch to mac" I wondered about if Mac has the ability to run games! Do not get me wrong here, when I was running windows I don't know much about Macs and there was this sentence everywhere "MAC CAN'T RUN GAMES" Hovering in every Windows user mind, so here I will talk about my short test gaming on Mac from some humble opinion in mac hardware, games publisher & developers, and I hope to cover all gaming questions about Mac.