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Find Who Have Access to Your Google Drive Files

By Mohammad Laif → May 22, 2015
Sometimes we shared files on google drive, and we forget about them! What if you shared file by mistake didn't want to. How to check & review all your sharing files setting? Unfortunately Google doesn't have this feature yet. Still there are many ways to do that some are paid some are not!, here I will show the free once!

Offline Chromebook Apps for Daily Use

By Mohammad Laif → May 21, 2015
You can use your chromebook offline more efficiently with these chromebook apps. They will help with your daily use.

Send Notes & Links to Evernote by Using Pushbullet

By Mohammad Laif → May 18, 2015
This is a how to guide to push notes, files and links using Pushbullet to your Evernote account.

Google Docs Add-ons for Writers

By Mohammad Laif → May 17, 2015
If you are using Google Docs this add-ons give you a lot of help while writing articles. I use Google Docs to write most my posts and these add-ons help me a lot with grammar, misspelling and synonym words .

Essential Apps for Google Drive to Work With Files

By Mohammad Laif → May 15, 2015
Google drive apps are apps designed to work with google drive files from the cloud. Imagine you have a txt, zip or audio file in your google drive and you want to open and edit it. To do that by old school way: you need to downloaded in your PC and open it by your lovely PC programs! In the other hand, you can connect & authorize some cloud apps directly to your google drive to open that kind of file, this way is faster and you don't need to download any files, just working with cloud!

Removing Google Drive Apps and Changing Default

By Mohammad Laif →
This post will help you manage google drive apps included: how to remove google drive apps and how to change default google drive apps.

Best Chrome Extensions for Web Designers

By Mohammad Laif → May 9, 2015
These chrome extensions will help web designers to design website or modify it, you can work with css or javascript easily and beautify them for easy reading the code. also there are some tools in this topic for working with images, text, etc...