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Customize Google Search To Show New & Fresh Results

By Mohammad Laif → Jun 28, 2015
When I'm doing a search in Google on Chrome I always wanted new & fresh results, not results that are old. So Here is a way I'm using to get fresh articles that published or updated in this current year.

Protect Your Health With Chrome Extensions

By Mohammad Laif → Jun 22, 2015
Using computer for long period of time can case many dangerous illnesses, like Eyestrain, Headaches, Back Pain, Dehydration, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Upper Limb Disorders, Deep Vein Thrombosis and other! Especially if you don't protect your health by exercise your body for short periods of time.

Instagram IFTTT Recipes That You Need To Use!

By Mohammad Laif → Jun 15, 2015
Using ifttt recipes for instagram can be very useful in many cases, for example you can save any videos you liked automatically, tweeting photo or even uploaded to facebook album, monitor specific account! and last have a weekly report sended to your email!

Manage Your Chrome Extensions & Apps

By Mohammad Laif → Jun 13, 2015
Using too many extensions in Google Chrome or Chromebook can eat your memory very fast and slow chrome a lot. To avoid that you need to disable every extension you don't use anymore and enabling if you want to use them again , by doing this manually it can be very messy especially if you have many extensions installed! So here is a nice google chrome extension for managing all those extensions.

Best IFTTT Recipes for Pushbullet

By Mohammad Laif → Jun 9, 2015
Useful IFTTT recipes to use with Pushbullet I found on the internet! Sharing them with you to experience & benefit more from Pushbullet & IFTTT services

Useful Chrome Extensions For Youtube

By Mohammad Laif → Jun 6, 2015
Here are a list for most useful chrome extensions for Youtube, that enhance it for better experience & enjoyable. Allowing you to hiding ads & annotations, auto HD, stopping autoplay, pop out videos, auto replay, disabling html5 player, hiding comments, and many features.

Protect Your Privacy On Android

By Mohammad Laif → May 28, 2015
Here are some Android tips & Apps to protect your privacy. Tips that helping you to check your privacy setting and important things, on the other hand, apps let you see each installed app permissions and which one have access to your files, photos, contacts...