How to Design Your Developer Page in Google Play Store

Google provided a great feature in Play Store a Developer Page! Its purpose to help promote your brand and apps on Google Play. I see many developers didn't create their page yet! and some create their with weird design, so how should you designing it right?

It’s Time to Let Go Your App!

One of the most hard part in developing your app is to let go and uploaded it to the market.

You app is almost 90% ready, but you being lazy! One of the procrastinator! That 10% is taking more time, energy, and emotional from your brain and soul. And you always ask your self These questions: Why I can’t finish what I start?Why I can’t finish projects that I start?Why I stuck at the end? Trying to answer leads to more confusing : Is it doubt?Is it the endless seeking of perfection?Or the lost of excitement?Fearing from getting criticism?I need more Dopamine and motivation? I don’t believe a plan gonna help at this moment, actually the plan dump us here. Also not a todo list or help tutorial nor waiting for a motivation to finish what you start. The answer is the Simplicity! From apple developer guidelines, writing the ADS of your app you can glimpse you the simplification. An application definition statement is a concise, concrete declaration of an app’s main purpose and its intended au…

Starting New Way Bloging Dedicated to Android Development

Hi there visitor!

I just wanna to say: this blog gonna be updated, dedicated to Android Development. To recored my journey in learning Android. So if you interested in Android Programming please subscribes and follow me at twitter for more updates @mohammadLaif.

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Chrome Stylish, Style The Web!

Most problems while reading online are distractions within the same page, the small fonts, and the white shining background! Imagine you are reading a page on wikipedia. I'm sure you will face this scenario:

How to Obtain Fast & Cleaned Mac OS X With Free Apps

Have you recently felt a little bit sluggish in your Mac Device? You may notice that slowness by doing simple tasks. Like a search through Spotlight. Or opening a file by another program "Open With" and stuck with that little process "fetching..." for long time. Or you notice a slow time on opening apps more than what you experienced before when your mac was fresh. All of this slowness problems are produced due to the accumulation of junk in your system! Therefore It is necessary to clean up your Mac OS from time to time. Here are some tips & free apps to keeps your Mac clean & fast.

Health Exercise Apps to Starter With

Health vary to many types, and what concerns us here is the physical health, as it affect our body and mind. There is no doubt in many cases we ignore exercising! Maybe due to our preoccupation in work environment or collages that cause the lack of time to do exercises! In this topic you'll find some of the best android apps to maintain your health and monitor it in interesting and useful way by phones apps.