This Is My First Post - Introduction

Hi everyone, this is my first post, My name is Mohammad, I was blogging in my language for a while, then I said to myself "why I don't blog in english?" english is not my main language, so I hope learn more of it everyday, and excuse me if I misspell something or grammar mistake happened. my goal here is to share helpful posts to you!

my first post

What I will blog about?

I love tech and Internet, for that almost all my posts will be related to:
  • Google Chrome, Chromebook, Chromecast: tips, tricks, best apps and useful extensions.
  • Google Product: Tips, like Google Drive, Gmail, Google+ etc...
  • Mac: tips, tutorial, apps, etc... 
  • Mobile: Android and iPhone, Apps, Tips and solutions problem.
  • Web Apps: Useful Website.
  • Social Media Network: like facebook, instagram, twitter etc...
  • Windows: about everything I knew.
  • Game: who doesn't love to play some games even old school games for sometime :).
Take your time to navigate my posts in Sitemap Archive Page.

Why should you follow my blog?

  1. I don't like spam nor spamming people.
  2. I will do my best to write high quality content.
  3. You can ask for my help anytime.
  4. Open minded for new idea.

I hope you liked what you read in my blog, and please follow me on Google+ at Mzdhr+