Quranflash Desktop To Read Qoran On PC

Ramadan is near and a lot of us uses computer all time, let your ramadan this time different by trying Best program "I found" on the internet to read and listen to the holy Quran on you computer
Quranflash Desktop

  • Arabic and English user interface UI.
  • Choose between many Masahef “Novels”.
  • Translate verses from arabic to english or any language, the meaning of verses.
  • Transliteration verses to english or any language, how to pronounce the words with english litters.
  • Listen to all famous Quran Narrators “readers for the Qur'an”, full chapters or verses as you like.
  • Search for any keyword you want.
  • You can save notes in any verse, even you can favourite that verse.
  • You can highmark any verses in it.
  • It can remember your last reading page.
  • Customize background and UI as you like.
  • Running offline, you can download audio files and other from its manager download system.

Here some screen shots:
Quranflash Desktop



Also you can use it online like an web app at:

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