Best Chrome Extensions for Web Designers

These chrome extensions will help web designers to design website or modify it, you can work with css or javascript easily and beautify them for easy reading the code. also there are some tools in this topic for working with images, text, etc...

Chrome Extensions for Web Designers

I  work with these chrome extensions consistently in my blogger template and other project. I share them here because they help me a lot with web designer, and I know they will help you too.

allow you to measure any space in web page.
alternative: MeasureIt

This is similar to the above one, but it allow you to measure the dimensions between elements like images, text, buttons etc... it's easy and helpful especially if you work on mobile template to apply the rule "Size tap targets appropriately" in PageSpeed Insights.

Best extension for color picker, that I used!

Extension to edit your css online page live.
alternative: Stylebot

This Extension allows you to extract CSS and HTML from selected element in any page.

This extension has many features it can help web designers, some of them:

  1. for css: viewing css code even if the css is compressed you can beautify it! you can disable inline, embedded styles or disabling all style code. Also you can show used colors in any page.
  2. for forms: show hidden elements and other features.
  3. for images: show all images, show alt text, dimensions, paths.
  4. for javascript: view javascript and beautify it if needed.
  5. resize browser to any size.

To identify fonts on any web pages.
alternative: Fontface Ninja

Test all fonts look on your website immediately!
alternative: TypeWonder

Famous toolbar that has many developer tools.

Best way to test your website in many resolution, even mobile screen.
alternative: Resolution Test

Famous tool for developers in firefox now its on chrome.
alternative: Chrome developer tools, just hit F12

Inspect css for any element in webpage with this awesome tool.

I will update this topic in the future if I discovered more good chrome extensions for web designers, if you know any please share them with me in the comments.