Blocking Websites in Chrome By Extensions

Keep your kids safe online by blocking bad websites or block sites that waste your time while working, with these two chrome extensions block any website you choose or redirected, also they allow to choose which days of the week you want to block a website or set a limit time for surfing a site!.

Block Site Extension For Google Chrome

Block Site Block Website in Chrome


  • Can block or redirect sites easily, just by right click and choosing add site to blacklist.
  • You can write specific words, when they appear in web page URL it will be blocked automatically.
  • Choose any days to active this extension or let it whole week.
  • Set password to protect its options from being modify.
  • Also it has uninstall protection, and many other features.

StayFocusd For Google Chrome

stay focusd Block Website

This extension will block any website that waste your time! Just set how much time you want to spent on facebook or any news sites and limit the amount of time you want! This way increase your productivity when working on the internet.