Essential Apps for Google Drive to Work With Files

Google drive apps are apps designed to work with google drive files from the cloud. Imagine you have a txt, zip or audio file in your google drive and you want to open and edit it. To do that by old school way: you need to downloaded in your PC and open it by your lovely PC programs! In the other hand, you can connect & authorize some cloud apps directly to your google drive to open that kind of file, this way is faster and you don't need to download any files, just working with cloud!

Essential Apps for Google Drive to Work With Files

In this topic you will find essential apps that might help you working with text files, zipped files, images, videos and audio. You can benefit from these apps in: chromebook or any OS that can't run your PC software, untrusted or public PCs you don't trust to download your files in it, for my benefit it's faster to work in the cloud when I'm in hurry!

If you want to know how to delete google drive apps or changing the default apps you can see this topic: Removing Google Drive Apps.

Essential Apps for Google Drive

  • Drive Notepad: for editing text documents like .txt and other types.
  • ZIP Extractor: to unzip files in google drive.
  • CloudConvert: convert any type of files from audio, video, document, archive etc... See the full list for more details here.
  • Notable PDF: View and read PDF files with this app, it has more features if you like to try it.
  • Pixlr Editor: Edit all kind of images and photos, its similar to gimp and photoshop but it's lightweight .
  • Pixlr Express: fast image editor, if you want to add some effect, borders, stickers, text or a little adjustment to your images.
  • PicMonkey: same the above one and it has many filters.
  • WeVideo: video maker & editor, best app if you want to work with videos files in the cloud.
  • Music Player for Google Drive: A lightweight player for mp3 and other audio format.
Notes before installing any google drive app:
links for the previous apps will download and install the app from chrome web store, which means app and extensions will be installed in your chrome browser, if you don't want this way or to avoid installing chrome apps just use the alternative way to connect google drive apps in the next section down within this topic.
You need to authorize and permission each app for the first time you use it.
Some Apps will ask you to set them default when you installed them.

Alternative way to connect google drive apps without installing apps or extensions in your Chrome browser

  1. Open Drive website.
  2. Click "NEW" button, on the left.
  3. A menu will show up then click on "MORE" button.
  4. Sub-menu will show up from it click on "+ Connect more apps".
  5. Search for apps you want to connect, then click on "+ CONNECT" button next to it.
Hope you find this helpful, and if you have any essential apps for google drive please share them in the comments, I will update this post in the future if I discover any good app.