how to download torrent files remotely by using google drive

This way will allow you to download torrent files ".torrent" into your torrent client "utorrent" even your friends client if they want, remotely by using google drive.

how to download torrent files remotely by using google drive

You can benefit from this in many ways:

  • For example; if you were away from your pc "like you were in work" and you want your torrent client to load some torrent files to start downloading them automaticly, to be ready to watching when you arrive home!
  • Or, you see good thing on the internet worth downloading, and you want to share this torrent file with your friend or co-worker. Imagine if your friend trust you to put torrent files in there torrent client directly! this way would help you a lot with that.

What you need:
  • You will need to install Google drive program on your windows or mac also for your phones, from this link; google drive download.
  • utorrent client.

The steps to: how to download torrent files remotely by using google drive

  1. Go to google drive and create folder and name it "Torrent file" or anything you want.
  2. Open your utorrent preferences by using Ctrl+P, or from file menu Options.
  3. Go to Directories on the left menu.
  4. Put marks on "Automatically load .torrents from" and "Delete loaded .torrent". like the green highmark in the below image.
  5. Navigate to your "Torrent file" you created before in google drive, or write it. like the yellow highmark in the below image.

download torrent files remotely by google drive

Finally, click okay. and put some torrent files into "torrent file" folder to test the result.

How to use utorrent and google drive remotely?

Download google drive for your phone android or iphone
When you are away from your pc just use google drive app to upload your torrent files into "Torrent file" folder.

How I download torrent files into my friend torrent client?

  1. Make two folders inside "torrent file" let say: mine torrent, him torrent.
  2. Share the folder "torrent file" between you and your friend from google drive sharing settings.
  3. Both of you need to change the link in utorrent to your specific folders.
for example yours will be:
C:\users\yourname\google drive\torrent file\mine torrent
your friend path will be:
C:\users\yourname\google drive\torrent file\him torrent

Thats it, hope you will find useful torrent files to share between your friends :)