How to spy on your neighborhood instagram

how to spy on your neighborhood instagram without knowing him/her instagram user name? this trick allow you to spy on entire area for it's instagram photo. Its easy and efficient but it required ifttt account!

Update: This way will make you access a private instagram photo for any account! it will send private & public photo links to your email, if you clicked on that link you will be able to see the private image.

  • Instagram account.
  • IFTTT account. Go create an account if you don't have, from here:
  • IFTTT Neighborhood Recipes! you can create one or use the below recipe.
  • Email, which gmail would be awesome.
Don't be afraid to use your personal accounts, none will be shown! and this is not illegal trick:)

Neighborhood ifttt recipe for watching and spying on instagram area photo

After you have all the Requirements you can use this recipe by clicking on Add button and configure it to your needs:

IFTTT Recipe: Neighborhood watch! Email me Instagrams from a certain location connects instagram to email

You need to change the circle area to the neighborhood you want to spy on it:

If you are interested in IFTTT recipe for instagram check this topic for more awesome recipes: Instagram IFTTT Recipes That You Need To Use!

And don't forget to active your email channel on ifttt website if needed.