How to tweet your imdb rating automatically

how to tweet your imdb rating automatically by using ifttt recipe. its simple way to share your rating on imdb between friends.

This is simply way you need two things your rss rating link on imdb and ifttt recipe that I create before.

How to grab your IMDB RSS rating link?

Open IMDB site.
Click on your name "in the upper right corner of the page".
From the menu select "Your Ratings". look at this:

After that a new page will open, you will see orange rss icon in the middle of that page, use right mouse click on it to show option menu and grab its link, like in this picture:

IFTTT recipe to tweet your IMDB rating

Now! after you have your imdb rating rss link copied, use the next recipe, and don't forget to change the Feed URL with yours, so just paste it.

IFTTT Recipe: Tweet your IMDB rating connects feed to twitter

By the way:
I put two hashtags in the beginning of the tweets, they are: #movies and #imdb. you can change or erase them, even you can edit the whole recipe as you want.

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