Protect Your Privacy On Android

Here are some Android tips & Apps to protect your privacy. Tips that helping you to check your privacy setting and important things, on the other hand, apps let you see each installed app permissions and which one have access to your files, photos, contacts...

Protect Your Privacy On Android

Tips To Check Privacy On Android Devices

These are some Tips that help protecting your privacy on android phones & tablet.
  • If you buy a new or used phone: Check the "Accounts tab" on Setting to see if there any account from the buyer, if so delete it. unless you don't mind your contacts & photos being shared with someone else! I see this a lot!
  • Update The Android OS Software: Checking for new updates in android can help fix many problems even privacy or bugs that concern privacy. To do that Locate "about device" in "Setting" and click on "Software update"to see if there's any new update available.
  • Encrypt Your Phone Data & SD: To do that navigate to "Security" options in your device "Settings" and activate it, don't forget to read all the instruction and notes.
  • Don't connect to public Wi-Fi: until you trust it, sniffer everywhere!.
  • Check Your Google Settings Account: It comes as an app called "Google Settings" on most Android OS version. From it you can opt out from ads, seeing google location access, and many options on security section. I don't recommend uncheck all the options, its up to you.
  • Check Your Location Setting: Check your location permission from "Location Services" in the main "Settings" on your device to allow or disable permissions.
  • Check Your Social Apps Settings: See if any from Google+, Facebook, Twitter etc, a new chat app etc... if they have permission to share your location, uploading photos automatically etc...
  • Delete Apps That You Don't Use Anymore.
  • Don't Use Third-Party Stores: use only Google Play Store to download apps.
  • Uncheck Your Option On Unknown Sources: its for installing apps from outside the officially Google Play Store. Find it in "Security" inside your device main Setting as checkbox "Unknown sources".
  • Check App Permissions When Installing New Apps: When installing new apps from the market or Third-Party Stores look to its permissions, and think again if you want to install it or not.
  • Use VPN: If you want more privacy while you browsing the web, its good to have secure VPN.

Android Apps to Check Your Apps Permissions

Here are two apps to help you review & check all permissions in every installed apps, to see which app has ability to access network, files & photos, contact, etc... and having control to allow or disable the access.

Privacy App, Android Apps to Check Your Apps Permissions

Mypermissions, Android Apps to Check Your Apps Permissions

That's it for know! if you have more tips about android privacy please share them in the comments.

Update: There are a new ways to check app permissions and control them, in the upcoming software of Android OS called: Android M.