Removing Google Drive Apps and Changing Default

This post will help you manage google drive apps included: how to remove google drive apps and how to change default google drive apps.

remove google drive apps and changing default

Sometimes you want to uninstall and delete unwanted google drive apps, or you want to get rid of old apps those you don't use anymore! Or you want to choose and change the default google drive apps, here are the ways to do all that:

Before you start if you want to know what are the good apps to start working with google drive I recommend to you this topic: Essential Apps for Google Drive.

Uninstall a Google Drive app

  1. Open Drive website.
  2. Click on setting icon "Six sided nut!" on the top right corner.
  3. Select Setting.
  4. Choose Manage Apps tab.
  5. Click on the Option button next to the app you want to uninstall it from google drive.
  6. Choose Disconnect from Drive.
Note: sometimes you need to Remove permission from uninstalled apps to access your files in google drive, to do that follow below steps. 

Remove App Access to Your Files

  1. Open your google account from here or here.
  2. In the section "Connected apps and services" you will see "Account permissions" click on "View all".
  3. A new window will open with all apps and devices that have access to your files.
  4. Click on any apps you want and you will see information for it on the right. After you decided to remove the access from that app click on the "revoke access" button.
Note: for full unistalling you need to remove the chrome apps or extension for any Google Drive App, if you installed it from chrome web store.

Change the Default Apps on Google Drive

  1. Click on setting icon "Six sided nut!" on the top right corner.
  2. Select Setting.
  3. Choose Manage Apps tab.
  4. Mark the box for "Use by default" next to the app you want to be default. Or unmark it if you want to prevent it.

Google Drive Help for Managing Google Drive Apps