Customize Google Search To Show New & Fresh Results

When I'm doing a search in Google on Chrome I always wanted new & fresh results, not results that are old. So Here is a way I'm using to get fresh articles that published or updated in this current year.

Google Search Show New & Fresh Results

Why I'm using this?
  • Sometimes when I search in google I end up with very old articles and some of them are old school forums! As always I click the "Search tools" then select "past year" I'm doing this in 70% of my search queries. So I came with this little adjustment to do that automatically for me.
  • Epically when I'm searching in Arabic, sometimes the first result page is old & bad. Why this? because a lot arabic site using black hat SEO to be in the first pages!
I notice this method works fine in english too, therefore I post it.

Customizing Google Search To Show Past Year Result Automatically In Chrome

This is step by step, if you know how to adjust custom search engine in Google Chrome just copy the line in step #6! if not I advise you to follow all steps
  1. Right click on address bar.
  2. Choose "Edit search engines..."
  3. A new windows will open with all your search engines listed in it! Scroll down of that list until you see three text boxes.
  4. Write GoogleY in the text box -> "Add a new search engine"
  5. Write googley in the text box -> "Keyword"
  6. Copy and paste this code line "" without quotation marks in the text box -> URL with % in place of query.
  7. Hit Enter.
  8. Now hover on your mouse on that link and choose "Make default" Button.


Adding new search engine in chrome
Adding new search engine in chrome

Making new search engine in chrome default search
Making new search engine in chrome default search

For searching what are the best phones, notice all articles are new!:)
Note: If you want to show all result just click "Clear".

Google Search Show New & Fresh Results

Have a nice fresh & new searching result!