Protect Your Health With Chrome Extensions

Using computer for long period of time can case many dangerous illnesses, like Eyestrain, Headaches, Back Pain, Dehydration, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Upper Limb Disorders, Deep Vein Thrombosis and other! Especially if you don't protect your health by exercise your body for short periods of time.

Health exercises Using Computer

Remember you can't skip from these illnesses without exercises, they can hit many type of users for example:
  • Users who using keyboard and mouse a lot! like Programmers, Writers, Gamers. They probably get symptoms of Carpal tunnel syndrome!
  • Users who love surfing the net especially social network a lot.
  • Users who like to watch movies and youtube a lot.
  • Users who do routine work; repeating tasks over and over.

Want some phone apps to help you maintain healthy body shape on the go?

So here are Chrome extensions help you exercise to obtain your health while surfing the web or working:

Chrome Health Extensions

This is simple & easy extensions to fight dehydration, it remind you to drink water every 60 minutes or any specific duration by you.

Take breaks and applying the 20-20-20 rule with lower back exercises to protect your vision. What is 20/20/20 rule? watch this short clip to know more about it:

This is a simple one for reminds you to take a break, what's so special about it you can choose the rule you want like 20-20-20 or 50-10 "which is taking break 10 minute every 50 minutes" or Pomodoro Technique style! to know more about Pomodoro watch this clip:

Do you like darkness? Then install this one to make every web page background dark & light color links! to help your eyes.
Alternative: eye guard

Remind you to get up from your desk and do exercises, also it synchronize the data to your Google Fit.

standroid chrome

FitBolt is a good paid & free tool "the free subscription help you with stretches & quick exercises" that help you exercise while using computer. You need to create account with your email before using it 'it take 10 second', then copy your fitBolt 'access key' into the extensions to work.

FitBolt chrome

Learn how to arrange these extensions into group "e.g. Health"to Enable/Disable them easily.

Hope this post help you and your friends to protect your health & exercise while using computer :)