Best IFTTT Recipes for Pushbullet

Useful IFTTT recipes to use with Pushbullet I found on the internet! Sharing them with you to experience & benefit more from Pushbullet & IFTTT services

IFTTT Recipes for Pushbullet

This recipe will send you notification & link for any file uploaded in dropbox folder that you sharing with your friend or anyone.
Get Notification if there is any birthday in your calendar today.
Get a picture notification when someone specific posts to Instagram!
This Recipe will notifier you when any new instagram photo uploaded in your neighborhood.
If you are interested in instagram and ifttt then check my old post about how to spy instagram accounts even privates!
If there is any rain tomorrow you will get notification by pushbullet.
If you tagged on facebook you will get notification with a link by this recipe.
Get updates fast for any twitter user you specific.

Thats all recipes I'm using that I think they may help others to expanding the using of pushbullet, If you know any good once please share them with here as a comment!