Instagram IFTTT Recipes That You Need To Use!

Using ifttt recipes for instagram can be very useful in many cases, for example you can save any videos you liked automatically, tweeting photo or even uploaded to facebook album, monitor specific account! and last have a weekly report sended to your email!


  • Post your Instagram picture on Twitter as a picture.
IFTTT Recipe: Post your Instagram pics on Twitter as a picture (not a link) connects instagram to twitter

This recipe allow you to post any new picture on instagram to twitter as a picture, not a link. If you want to tweet it like a link use the following one:

IFTTT Recipe: Instagram to Twitter connects instagram to twitter

  • Any liked photo on instagram by you will be tweet it as a link with this one.
IFTTT Recipe: if you like an instagram  photo, tweet it connects instagram to twitter

  • Instagram photos to facebook album.
IFTTT Recipe: Instagram Photos ⇢ Facebook Album connects instagram to facebook

Collecting all your Instagram photos on specific facebook album this recipe will do the work for you. If you want to post to your Fan Page use this: Instagram to Facebook Fanpage Post.

  • Save all Instagram photos in Google Drive!
IFTTT Recipe: Save all my Instagram uploads to a folder in my Google Drive! connects instagram to google-drive

Best way to take backup for your instagram to Google Drive. If you are using Dropbox then use this one: Save your Instagram photos to Dropbox.

  • Save any photo you like it in instagram to specified folder in google drive.
IFTTT Recipe: Upload LIKED Instagram Photos to GDrive - better filename connects instagram to google-drive

And for dropbox use: Save liked photo to dropbox.

  • Save Liked Video on Instagram to Google Drive.
IFTTT Recipe: If I like an instagram video then save it to google drive. connects instagram to google-drive

Nice trick if you to save videos that you liked on instagram, if you want to save them in Dropbox use this one: Save Instagram Video To Dropbox.

  • Monitor Specific user on instagram.
IFTTT Recipe: New photo by specific user > Send me an email connects instagram to email

Get fast notification for a specific user by email when he upload any new photos. On the other hand if you are using Pushbullet try this one: Pushbullet Instagram Notfier.
Note: If you want to watch your neighborhood even private instagram account photos I recommended to you this topic: Spying On Instagram.

  • Weekly Instagram Report.
IFTTT Recipe: Weekly Instagram Report connects instagram to email-digest

Have a weekly report on your instagram account or you photos, this recipe will send you a report for that weekly.

Finally, if you know any good ifttt recipe for instagram mention them in the comments.