Manage Your Chrome Extensions & Apps

Using too many extensions in Google Chrome or Chromebook can eat your memory very fast and slow chrome a lot. To avoid that you need to disable every extension you don't use anymore and enabling if you want to use them again , by doing this manually it can be very messy especially if you have many extensions installed! So here is a nice google chrome extension for managing all those extensions.


Simple extension to manage all your Chrome Apps & Extensions, allowing you to create extensions Groups to manage them easily.

Benefit For Using It
  • Arrange your chrome extensions into group, to easily disable & enable them by one click.
  • Disable & Enable singular extension or remove it by one click.
It also applied these rules on Chrome Apps!

Example of How I use it:
First you need to understand how you are using extensions in chrome to your needs! for myself I'm using chrome extensions in these ways:

  • Normal Use: Like everyone else, there are extensions that I need them on all time, like gmail notifications, google translate, pushbullet and so on. So I create a group named NORMAL! and put all those extensions in it.
  • For Development Use: Sometimes I need extensions to help me while I'm working on my site, you can see some of those extensions in this topic: Chrome Extensions For Developers that help me in designed my site. So I create a group named DEV for them.
  • For Publisher & Sociality: If you have a site, blog or even you love to inspire your friends by sharing with them nice articles & images that you found while surfing the internet, sometimes by doing that you are using many extensions like Buffer, AddThis and every extensions that connected to social networks twitter, facebook, instagram, google+ and so on. So I create Publisher & Sociality Group.
  • For Entertainment Use: Who doesn't love to have fun! like Google News, StumbleUpon, 9GAG Mini etc... So I Create Entertainment Group. If you spent many time on youtube see my old topic about youtube: Chrome Extensions For Youtube.
  • For SEO Use: I'm using too many extensions for seo, so I create a SEO Group.
There are many ways to arrange your use for chrome extensions, for example you can do "Teachers, Students, Work, Home, Writing" groups. All that depend on you!

Enabling & Disabling singular Chrome Extension
From SimpleExtManager button you can choose what you want to disable or enable. See the following image:


Switching Groups:
Switching to any group is very easy, just right click on any empty space and choose the group you want to use. see the following image:


Remember After You Installed!
Go to its Option page and start creating your groups.