Useful Chrome Extensions For Youtube

Here are a list for most useful chrome extensions for Youtube, that enhance it for better experience & enjoyable. Allowing you to hiding ads & annotations, auto HD, stopping autoplay, pop out videos, auto replay, disabling html5 player, hiding comments, and many features.
Chrome Extensions For Youtube

This article has two section:
  1. Extensions for Youtube that have one or two function maximum.
  2. Extensions for Youtube that have more than one function which called; All in One.

Chrome Extensions for YouTube

Chrome Extensions for YouTube All in One

  • Magic Actions for YouTube: this extension is best one you can find for youtube, you can stop video from autoplay, hiding that annoying annotations & Ads in youtube. Also it has many features like: Auto HD, cinema mode, auto wide, expand to full window size, stop autoplay, replay videos, hide comments. After installed go to chrome://extensions and check out the options page for it to choose what features you want to activate. Take a look to it's option page features: thanks for +Magic Actions for YouTube™ 
Magic Actions for YouTube
  • Enhancer for YouTube:  lightweight extension for youtube that has some features like Magic Actions.

If you know any good chrome extensions for Youtube please share them in comment.