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Gaming On Mac! What You Need To Know

Is apple mac os good for gaming? Short answer is: Yes, it is!. Since I was a PC Gamer "why I switch to mac" I wondered about if Mac has the ability to run games! Do not get me wrong here, when I was running windows I don't know much about Macs and there was this sentence everywhere "MAC CAN'T RUN GAMES" Hovering in every Windows user mind, so here I will talk about my short test gaming on Mac from some humble opinion in mac hardware, games publisher & developers, and I hope to cover all gaming questions about Mac.

SEO Starter Guide For Creating Blog On Blogger

Fast guide to optimize your new / first blog at blogger (blogspot) by SEO perspective, and to know more seo for blogger.

Download Subtitle With VLC In Mac

VLC is the best video player you can get for free especially in Mac, but there are some thing to make it perfection one of them is ability to download subtitle! as you know if you are using media player classic or bsplayer in windows you might be familiar with downloading your subtitle automatically with them. So here a simple guide to make VLC download subtitle automatically in Mac, also to know what's best vlc subtitle encoding for your language.

Installation & Uninstallation Apps On Mac

This article suite for beginners user with Mac or anyone who switch to Mac, it help you to know all basic methods for Opening, Installing and Uninstalling Apps in Mac.

Way I Switch From Windows To Mac

Should I switch to Mac? Many PC users asking themselves that question like me. So I write this post to talk about my humble opinions for the reasons why I switch to Mac. And to make the idea more clear and less fuzziness for anyone who thinking about wanting the switching to Mac.