SEO Starter Guide For Creating Blog On Blogger

Fast guide to optimize your new / first blog at blogger (blogspot) by SEO perspective, and to know more seo for blogger.

seo guide for blogspot

For your information: blogger (blogspot) doesn't has much SEO tools or plugin like wordpress, but at least you can do a good well optimized seo blog for free with it. So here are seo steps you must do on any new blog.

Seo Starter Guide For Blogger

  • Title
Your blog title must be relevant to your posts content or what your site about in general way! To change your title go to:
Settings  ›  Basic, and edit your title.

  • Description
There are two different Blogspot description options, both must be relevant to your blog content or at least they describe your blog in general way.
First one can be found in: Setting › Basic.
Sound one can be found in: Settings › Search preferences.

  • Privacy
Your blog must be accessible to visitors and search engine.
Check the two options from:
Setting › Basic for both "Privacy" & "Blog Readers".
Should be "Listed on Blogger. Visible to search engines." & "Public".

  • Sitemap
There are two different kind of sitemap one for search engine and other for visitors.

Sitemap for visitor: it's a simple page that has all your posts links in it, you can call it categorize page or index page. if your template developer is awesome he will include one with a link button in your main page blog, if not you need to use some javascript to create a friendly sitemap page for visitors.

Sitemap for search engine: Blogger generate sitemap automatically for search engine, but you must submit it in Google Webmaster. To know yours add this line after your blog link or domain:
If some lines show up that means yours is good if not that maybe because you haven't any post yet or misspelled it.
Example: In my blog it will be like:

How To Submit Blogger Sitemap To Google Webmaster

  1. After you know your sitemap link copy it, and go for Google Webmaster login with your google account.
  2. Add new site by clicking on "ADD A PROPERTY".
  3. Go to Crawl > Sitemaps, in the left side menu.
  4. Click on "ADD/TEST SITEMAP" and put your sitemap link that you already copied.
  5. Hit "Submit Sitemap".

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