Gaming On Mac! What You Need To Know

Is apple mac os good for gaming? Short answer is: Yes, it is!. Since I was a PC Gamer "why I switch to mac" I wondered about if Mac has the ability to run games! Do not get me wrong here, when I was running windows I don't know much about Macs and there was this sentence everywhere "MAC CAN'T RUN GAMES" Hovering in every Windows user mind, so here I will talk about my short test gaming on Mac from some humble opinion in mac hardware, games publisher & developers, and I hope to cover all gaming questions about Mac.

gaming on mac

Mac Hardware Gaming

As you know Mac Devices comes with standard hardware like Rams, CPU and Graphic Card, the problem here is: You can't change or replace that hardware! except for rams & harddisk, however it's very hard to replace them but possible. CPUs on Mac Devices now are good for gaming, there are powerful Intel models like i5, i7. On the other hand, the Graphics cards in Mac Devices are low-medium performances for running games, but they can run games smoothly with decent settings.

Is Mac OS X Compatibility With Games?

Don't worry about this point every games on mac are compatible with their operation system. You just need to know if your Mac Device hardware are good to go. If you want to run Windows Games you need to port them first! Certainly I will post about that in the future.

How Many Games Are Available For Mac OS

You can find many games on Mac to play, but not that incredible amount as PC!. You can read next headlines for more information...

Which Game Developers / Publishers support Mac?

You can find many Companies, Developers and Publisher that support Mac gaming platform, and many will come in future I hope, if apple consider to build a new devices with high performance graphic cards & CPUs. Some from these Developers & Publishers are:

Steam on Mac
I surprised when Steam shows almost half of my games capable to be played On Mac. You can find many steam games for mac with this lovely app. List of games for mac in steam, to download Steam head to their website and hit Install Steam above that page.

Steam on Mac On Mac
All Blizzard games are supported to be playable on Mac. Download for Mac, scroll down until you see App and download Mac copy. On Mac

EA Origin On Mac
Not all EA games are supported on Mac, but you can find some decent games. Browse all EA Games for Mac. Download Origin for Mac.

EA Origin On Mac
There are planty of games on for mac you can check them here.


Mac Devices are in their beginning to Gaming world, and it can go ahead very well in Gaming world if Apple consider producing new Devices with high end graphics capability, that for sure will let many developers and gaming companies to start developing more games on Mac same as PC.