Installation & Uninstallation Apps On Mac

This article suite for beginners user with Mac or anyone who switch to Mac, it help you to know all basic methods for Opening, Installing and Uninstalling Apps in Mac.

What in this article:
  • How to install apps in Mac from app store and outside app store.
  • How to change Mac setting to allow installation for apps that downloaded from the internet "installation apps from unauthorized source".
  • How to open apps in Mac.
  • How to uninstall apps in mac by manual method and AppCleaner.

Apps Installation On Mac

Installation Apps in Mac are different than other OS like Windows . For example; in Windows you click that "EXE Setup File" to begins installation. But in Mac it's easier because you have a program called "App Store" it's similar to App Store in iPhone & iPad, from it you can browse apps and install & uninstall them. But sometimes you need to download apps from outside the app store!

Mac App Store
App Store In Mac, allow you to discover, install, uninstall apps.

Installing Apps On Mac From The Internet

If you want to install an app from outside the store you need to know some important points, which are:
  • Macintosh Apps Setup file comes with "dmg" file extension, and sometimes in compressed file zip, dmg.gz etc...
  • You need to open Security for installation from unauthorized source. To do that follow these steps:
Opening Security for installation from unauthorized source:
Go to System Preferences > Security and Privacy > General > In 'Allow apps downloaded from' Select "Anywhere", 'Note: you need to open that lock icon to choose "anywhere"' by clicking on it.

Installing Apps On Mac From The Internet
Mac Setting for allowing installation apps from the internet 

Now you can download & install programs and apps in mac from the internet.

How to install dmg apps in Mac

After you applied above steps for allowing apps to be installed from anywhere, you can now:
  1. Click on the dmg file you have downloaded, for example VLC app, it will open like below image.
  2. Grab the actually app with ".app" extension To Applications Folder.
Installing Apps On Mac manual tips
DMG file content

If you didn't find the applications folder like the image above, open new windows in Finder and navigate to your Applications Folder and Grab it there.
Finally, Make a shortcut for the app in your desktop or dock by grabbing the installed app from Application Folder to it. Or you can open your app from Launchpad.

Opening an App On Mac

There are two basic way to open an app:
  1. From Launchpad, which is the alternative for Start Menu in Windows.
  2. From Applications Folder in Finder.

Apps Uninstallation On Mac

Apps uninstallation is different in Mac than Windows, there are two methods for uninstallation apps one is manual and the other one is by using an App, So here the manual method:
  1. Open Finder and navigate to your Applications Folder.
  2. Grab the unwanted app to the Trash located in your dock.
  3. Empty trash.

The other method is easier and more efficient, by Using AppCleaner.

Apps Uninstallation On Mac

Download and install this lovely app from its website: freemacsoft.
  1. Open Appcleaner.
  2. Select the unwanted app.
  3. Click "Search" button.
  4. Then click "Delete" button.

Its more efficient because it will search for all files that have connection to the unwanted app and remove them.

If you have any suggestion or question about install apps on mac or uninstall, please feel free to comment.