Way I Switch From Windows To Mac

Should I switch to Mac? Many PC users asking themselves that question like me. So I write this post to talk about my humble opinions for the reasons why I switch to Mac. And to make the idea more clear and less fuzziness for anyone who thinking about wanting the switching to Mac.

switch from windows to mac

Switching to Mac isn't hard, it's easy as a piece of cake! You just need to study and know what your usage environment required, to decide if switching to mac will benefit you. Also switching to Mac doesn't lock or decreasing your productivity to your tasks, actuality it may increase your productivity. Besides every program on Windows can be found easily on Mac or alternative to it.

Before you continue reading, this is short paragraph about my knowledge with windows: In the past ~15 years I used windows: 98, 2000, me, xp, vista, 7, 8. Also I build many PCs in my life for many different perspectives like PCs for Gaming, Home Users, Light PCs and of course High End PCs. When I building a new PC I always consider stability, Performance and the Value. Unfortunately windows sometimes failed me with stability, there is always a blue screen, not compatible hardwares, freezing and restarting.For myself I used Windows OS all those past years for Gaming, Document Creating & Editing, Video & Photo Editing, Watching, Listening, Programming, Networking and of course browsing the web :). That is my short history with Windows. So Here are my reasons for why I switch to Mac, and what is my opinion about Mac:

The Reasons Why I Switch To Mac

I don't play games on pc anymore, if i want to play I will jump to my consoles, although Mac can run games now! with decent performance. But if you are a gamer person Mac isn't good for you!

Document Creating & Editing
I can get what I used to Creating & Editing documents, There are Microsoft Office, iWork and Google Docs :). Thus I don't have any obstacles in this point.

Video & Photo Editing
From my perspective: Mac is better than Windows in Video & Photo Editing, suitable for beginner and professional. You can have iMovie, Final Cut Pro and all known Adobe Programs.

For my audio library files I always used iTunes rather than the buried Program in my harddisk 'Windows Media Player'. as well watching videos I used Media Player Classic & VLC. So switching to Mac would be easy in this point, all that apps and their alternative in Mac too.

This is the biggest reason! I feel like windows deliberately to distract me, it's hard to focus on one task in it. Maybe that's because windows build for many variety uses like gaming, watching, editing, etc...its like windows not build for professional work! So by switch to Mac help me a lot.

Security was and Still a big issue in Windows OS, along with that free & paid programs to protect your PC. These programs are waste of money and PC Hardware Resources "they eat Rams, CPU and Money".
On the other hand, Mac doesn't need that security, so I can save money & resources for other purpose! You too.

Build-in Programs
Do not think build in programs are free! why? because you paid their price when you purchased that Operation System or that Device. Whatever it was Windows or Mac, lets first talk about Windows build-in programs:
Almost all windows build in programs are not professional they just lay in your hard disk, rarely you use them for a simple task and the upcoming work is rubbish if you compare it to other build-in apps in Mac.
Let see: Windows Movie Maker for making videos, Internet Explorer for browsing the web, notepad without sync! just give me a break for listing that rubbish apps.  
On other hand, Mac built-in apps, are awesome and more quality, examples: iMovie, iPhoto/Photo, Notes, iTunes, Reminders, go and see for yourself in this link: Mac build in apps.

Mac Devices Can Run Windows Easily
Yep, if you feel yourself need to do something on windows you can install windows in your Mac Device and choose to boot in it.

So those was my own reasons for switching from windows to mac, yours maybe different than me. Now let me list some of Mac benefits over PC, also some information about what Mac device i'm using and how to know what's best choose for you:

Benefits Of Having Mac

  • When you buy Mac device you get the operating system free.
  • Build-in Apps are great, more productivity and you can rely on them in your tasks 'work'.
  • No need to worry about Security or antivirus programs.
  • Mac Devices are stable and their performance is very good, because they build by engineers.
  • Work Platforms in OSX is better than Windows in many ways, you need to try it to see by yourself.

Which Mac Device I Have chosen
I'm using now Apple iMac 21.5 because I needed a Desktop Computer, also their Laptops are greats! but for myself I prefer a Desktop.

Which Mac Device You Should choose

You need to understand what you will do on Mac?! for that understanding you can consider upgrading or not, for the hard disk to SSD or putting more memory ram.
For example: If you are normal user, standard devices would be good for you. But if you are going to work a lot with tasks that uses Hard Disk like editing videos, photos etc... you need to have SSD Harddrive. Additionally if you are a heavy multitasking user or you love browsing the web with many tabs opened and apps, you need to have more ram.

I Made The Jump In Hard Time
Why it's hard time? Because:
Windows 10 will release soon & new PC Devices will follow that release.
New iMac 21.5 Models will release soon, with 4k display & more power graphic card. It's rumors but it's reasonable release.

So it was hard to me to decide if switching to Mac is better in this period of time, therefore I studied all the possibility and I did it because I know where I'm heading, I hope your time is more clearly when you want to jump to Mac :).