Download Subtitle With VLC In Mac

VLC is the best video player you can get for free especially in Mac, but there are some thing to make it perfection one of them is ability to download subtitle! as you know if you are using media player classic or bsplayer in windows you might be familiar with downloading your subtitle automatically with them. So here a simple guide to make VLC download subtitle automatically in Mac, also to know what's best vlc subtitle encoding for your language.

VLC Download Subtitle Automatically

First if you don't have VLC installed in your Mac go and grab your free copy at vlc mac download, and if you need help with installation check my previous post: how to install apps on mac.

Install VLSub Addon in VLC

Now after you download & install vlc in your Mac you need to install a plugin which is an addon called VLSub for VLC to be able to downloading subtitle automatically
  1. Open VLC.
  2. From the VLC menu choose “ Addons Manager”, figure 1.
  3. A new windows will show up, select VLSub and hit Install button, figure 2.

Install VLSub Addon in VLC
figure 1 select Addons Manager

Install VLSub Addon in VLC
figure 2, select VLSub and hit install, in my case it's already installed!
Thats it, and if you want to download any subtitle with it follow next instructions.

Downloading Subtitle Automatically In VLC

When you open any movie or tv-show episode and want to download its subtitle, go to:
VLC menu. > Extensions > VLsub

Downloading Subtitle Automatically In VLC
Opening VLsub in vlc to download movie subtitle

Then a new window will open, from it you can search and download the subtitle, like the next image:

vlc subtitle automatic download
Downloading subtitle automatically in vlc

Remember To:
  • Select your language.
  • Always search by hash for good result.
  • Hit Download selection.

That subtitle should be downloaded and showing up, if it's not correctly synced with the movie you can repeat the process until you find a good one. But if it's not showing correctly that's means you need to configure your subtitle setting to show subtitles correctly in your language, see next heading.

Configuration VLC Subtitles To Your Language

To show VLC subtitles in correct shape you need to make some configuration to your vlc subtitle setting, in my case I configure it to Arabic language.
Open VLC Preferences from vlc menu, or by pressing shortcut “Command+,” with your keyboard.

Configuration VLC Subtitles Language

Go to tab “Subtitles / OSD” and choose what suitable for your language from Encoding and font size.
Click “Save”, for vlc subtitle Arabic encoding, see the next image with all the correct setting for Arabic:

vlc subtitle arabic encoding

You must close VLC and reopen it or the setting will not be applied, try to close it from Activity Monitor then reopen it!
To know your correct encoding language check this link. go to last section "Common character encodings" and check whats your language encoding.

Know after VLC can download subtitles automatically, maybe will become your favorite video player on mac too!