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Best Mac App Store Alternative To Download Mac Apps

Mac app store doesn't have many apps especially free apps, maybe that because most developers won't pay apple store fees which is too much $99/year if developers consider uploading their free apps and paying 99$ every year without benefits! that would be loss to them. Therefore many of them consider to upload their apps on free stores and their own websites. You will find in this topic almost all good stores and sites that you can download apps from them, you can call them apple store alternatives.

Best Two TV Shows For Computer Geeks

Do you remember watching tv-show or movies that has no quality in computing acting? I’m sure you saw many bad computer/hacking scenes that aren't realistic at all! Like hacking by pushing all the keyboard keys at once! Here I will sort two of the best tv show for computer geeks.

What Movie Should You Watch Next - Want Recommendation?

Did you recently watch some movie that you liked? Inspired by its idea! Or maybe you loved that story, acting, drama, etc…! I'm sure you want to watch more like it? So here are ways to find similar & recommendation movies to what you loved.