Best Mac App Store Alternative To Download Mac Apps

Mac app store doesn't have many apps especially free apps, maybe that because most developers won't pay apple store fees which is too much $99/year if developers consider uploading their free apps and paying 99$ every year without benefits! that would be loss to them. Therefore many of them consider to upload their apps on free stores and their own websites. You will find in this topic almost all good stores and sites that you can download apps from them, you can call them apple store alternatives.

Mac App Store Alternative

Benefits of having alternatives stores for Mac App Store

  • Finding apps may be hard sometimes if you rely on one source!
  • When you search an app in mac app store and you didn't find it, you can check other alternative stores.
  • More way to discover apps that you need.
  • Great way to finding freeware sources to your mac device.

First you will need to allow installing apps from unauthorized source, to do that see the second headlines "Installing Apps On Mac From The Internet" in this topic Installing Apps On Mac. Now let's start sorting places where you can find and download more mac apps.

Mac App Store Alternatives

Don't let the name mislead you! it's not related to piracy, but a free market where developers can market their apps without a fee. You will see in it many free & paid apps.

This website is one of the best alternative for apple mac store, why? because it combines between official mac store and 3rd stores with many apps and awesome categories plus a community apps.

I love this site! especially if you looking for alternative apps, for example free apps that do photoshop work. Also there is another great way to use this site, which is: If you switch from windows to mac it would be a good place to search for alternative apps for your new OS device.
Old site for downloading software but extremely good one with outstanding categories easy to navigate. Also it has a nice blog to read & discover new apps.

Who doesn't know sourceforge? if you don't, then let me tell you; it's a great site for open source project and apps, all in it are freeware to use.

I use this, a nice social network for apps, to discover new apps by users rating to see which one is popular. Most benefit in it, is to read other user opinions about an app before you consider to buy/use it.

Mac App Store Sale
This one is different than others, I put it here because it has nice one feature which is: If you want to know if there is any app get discount to 0.99$ this website will tell you! by subscribe with your email or navigate it to see what's cheap right now in the official apple market.

App Donkey is freeware source for mac apps. Simple and easy to use, you can download singular app or navigate and adding apps to a list then download them in one file!

Do you know more good store for mac apps? please let me know!