What Movie Should You Watch Next - Want Recommendation?

Did you recently watch some movie that you liked? Inspired by its idea! Or maybe you loved that story, acting, drama, etc…! I'm sure you want to watch more like it? So here are ways to find similar & recommendation movies to what you loved.

What Movie Should You Watch Next

Something you may interested in: If you are using IMDB you may want to tweet your imdb rating automatically.

Movie Recommendation Website

Awesome once but you need to register an account! After you register an account you will be asked to choose what favorite groups of movies you liked! After that some movies will show up to rating them with other optional steps.
What I liked about this site is:
  1. More you rate improves your recommendations.
  2. You can import your rating movies on IMDB to Movielens, from its setting. 
  3. Has 4 system recommender, you can change between them freely.

Very good one, sometimes you can get critical similarity to what you just watch! You need to rate just 10 movies! Then it will compare your rating to users who has similarity of your rating, this way will short your time and get you unique recommendations.

Simple and fast, just search for that movie you liked and let Emmy recommend similar movies to it.

This is another simple site but this time it will show you random result for suggestion movies based on filters you choose like: Years, Genre, IMDB Score, keywords. Every suggested movie has its trailer clip and short info about it.

No need to registration just go and search for some movie to see it’s similarities.

Same as the above one.

Hope you find best alternative movie to what you liked, if you know more please tell me about them.