Best Two TV Shows For Computer Geeks

Do you remember watching tv-show or movies that has no quality in computing acting? I’m sure you saw many bad computer/hacking scenes that aren't realistic at all! Like hacking by pushing all the keyboard keys at once! Here I will sort two of the best tv show for computer geeks.

TV Shows For Computer Geeks

First of all, if you want to see for yourself what I'm talking about bad computer acting watch this clip, be aware to not get humiliation!

Therefore I wanted to induced to you some good quality tv shows about computer that may you like if you computer geeks.

  1. Silicon Valley
Silicon Valley computer show

Silicon Valley is a comedy show about nice guy who programmed a good data compression algorithm, traveled to silicon valley hoping he will work in his project easily with a bunch of programmers there. But he face many Political, Financial and Moral obstacles while he working on his project. All these events covered with comedy style so the viewer doesn't get bored from computing!
Trailer for Silicon Valley show:

  1. Mr. Robot
mr robot hacker computer show

Mr. Robot is dark drama mixed with some comedy, about a white hat hacker who meet with antisociality hacker called Mr. Robot, who recruit hackers into “Fsociety Group” . This show is more realistic to reality and it has good acting performance in computer world. Even if you don’t know much about hacker world you will love this show, it has everything you want from a drama show.
Trailer for Mr. Robot show:

Do you know more good computer geeks shows? please tell me!


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