Tips To Make Chrome Faster In Mac

How you can make google chrome faster & stable in Mac OS. This topic will help you to gain more speed to chrome in mac by disabling & controlling extensions, apps, plugins and data history. Also these tips help you to reduce the global problem of chrome which is: the hunger for memory.

Tips To Make Chrome Faster In Mac
What you are about to read in this topic:
  • Problem and solution for chrome extension & apps, to gain more chrome speed.
  • The connections between chrome plugins & google chrome helper.
  • What is google chrome helper.
  • How to run plugins manually with your choose in every web page.
  • How to clear browsing history.
  • Conclusion.

Chrome Extensions & Apps

The problems with extensions & Apps in chrome are:
  • They eat memory, rather than chrome tabs or it self.
  • They don't close when you exit chrome, unless you force chrome to quit.
  • If you have many extensions or some apps installed they make chrome starting heavy and slow.
  • Low the number of installed extensions, and uninstall none use. From chrome://extensions/.
  • Try to use a method to manage chrome extensions, and enable what you want to use in the right moment.

Chrome Plugins

Plugins always have been a problem in many cases, especially flash plugin. They miss with google chrome helper and make it eating more memory and cpu useage. If you don't familiar with "google chrome helper" read the next section. Check your plugins page in chrome and disable unused, from chrome://plugins/. or if you don't want to disable plugins permanently jump to "run plugin in chrome manually" header.

Google Chrome Helper

Google Chrome Helper

What it does? Every active extensions & plugins in chrome, even the active in background counts, goes in your system ram as a task named "google chrome helper". That is not a problem! It's just a way how chrome handling plugins and other things in Mac OS. However, the problem is when some plugins or extensions get glitch or mess up, then you will find "google chrome helper" eating your CPU and Memory, Sometimes using too much cpu like taking 90%! If you have any problem with google chrome helper try to ran plugins manually, as the next header explain.

Run Plugins in Chrome Manually

Sometimes plugins not function properly and cases many system issues like flash in chrome makes many problems especially eating your memory & cpu. Also when opening a webpage contains flashs that will make chrome very slow. But disabling flash entirely is bad for user surf experiences, because sometimes you ended with the need to enabling it to view some content. Therefore here are simple method to controlling when you want to active flash or other plugin in any webpage:

  1. Go to google Settings, from chrome://settings/.
  2. Scroll down until you see "Show advanced settings..." and click it.
  3. In "Privacy" section click "Content settings..." button.
  4. Scroll down until you see "Plugins" and choose "Let me choose when to run plugin content" and click Done.
    solve Google Chrome Helper problem

Every time you open a webpage that contains flash or other plugins this image will show up:

enable chrome plugin manually

Asking you to enable the plugin by holding Control key with a mouse click to activate it, or clicking on it by right click then choose "Run This Plugin".

Clear Browsing History

Deleting browser history can make chrome fresh & faster, just try it once a while. To do that:
  1. Go to google Settings, from chrome://settings/.
  2. Scroll down until you see "Show advanced settings..." and click it.
  3. In "Privacy" section click "Clear browsing data..." button.
  4. Choose "from the beginning of time" and remember to check all checkboxes.
  5. Hit "Clear browsing data" button.


Having too many extensions, apps, and plugins in chrome can make it really slow. Lowering the number of how much extensions & apps installed can help you gain more speed and light to your system. In the other hands, plugins have less issues except flash plugin which is the major of slow in many cases, former method above activate plugins by manual can help you a lot with flash issues & of course other plugin as well, and make webpage load fast. Have another tip? please share it with me.