Health Exercise Apps to Starter With

Health vary to many types, and what concerns us here is the physical health, as it affect our body and mind. There is no doubt in many cases we ignore exercising! Maybe due to our preoccupation in work environment or collages that cause the lack of time to do exercises! In this topic you'll find some of the best android apps to maintain your health and monitor it in interesting and useful way by phones apps.

Health android apps
Before you continue reading, you may want to read previous topic about how to protect your health when using a computer (with chrome extensions). Now let's start!

The first app is an application that reminds you to drink the water, where the water is the secret of life, when you installed for first time you need to enter your weight to let the app do his magic which is automatically schedule for you.You can also modify this schedule to add some things, for example, if you lives in warm environment you may need to increase the amount of water or maybe you are an athletic person so you need to modify some simple adjustment in the options page. You can also edit the schedule and determine your sleep hours or daily hours of the app notification system.
Walking is easy and enjoyable sport with highly health benefits to the body. Through this app you could monitor your walking exercises daily, weekly or even monthly to see the time you spent walking. Whether you are walking to city park or to buy some food from groceries this app will track all that activities automatically.
Also what characteristic this lightweight app is: it can recognize the sport type you doing, for example, if you walk, ran, or on your bicycle, it will record all of these exercises and customized them in beautifully reports to view them in the end of the day, week or month to see how much time you spent on doing those simple exercise.
Do not forget to put a goal for you in the option page for how many hours.

Do not worry this app will not ask you to climb mountains or carry weight lifting to obtain health body! You will be asked only for seven minutes daily with light exercise to achieve healthy goals for your body. Furthermore, this app has 13 easy exercise taking 7 minutes of your time, each exercise just 30 seconds, provides you with a detailed explanation by videos for each exercise.
When you open this app for the first time, you'll find three sections namely: classic, abs workout, and butt workout! you will be semi-forced to start the classic exercise first for five days to continue to second section, for the third section you can open it by watching a nice video, of course, you can open all sections with payment method!

Allow me, dear reader, to add here some information and apps that will help you to discover easier health body exercise ever :), which is sleeping! Yes sleeping! Sleep is very important to complete your body exercise circle, but must be organized and comfortably. It build your body, gettin healthy weight, clearance for the mind, improve memory and many other benefits!
Perhaps you think I'm kidding! You may do a search on the web to know the benefits of healthy sleep and how to master it. Again in his topic I will put some apps that you may find a little bit strange, but through them you can monitor your sleep to find out an appropriate adjustment to your sleep cycle by what going while you sleeping!

Install this app in your phone and place it beside your pillow during sleep! it will track and monitor all your movements while you sleeping, and when you wake up check the report to see for yourself your sleeping report!

Similar to the previous app, but this one is dedicated to record any sound while you are asleeping! useful and funny app to discover if you snoring? or do you speak while sleeping?

Let me remind you once again that in an earlier topic I wrote about keeping your body healthy while using computer.

These were some of free android apps to monitor and exercise your body to obtain health and good body shape. Also there are other good apps with depth exercise, but I list here light app to make your start easy without any heavy burden on your shoulder. If you know any light sport apps I hope that you share them in the comments section.