How to Obtain Fast & Cleaned Mac OS X With Free Apps

Have you recently felt a little bit sluggish in your Mac Device? You may notice that slowness by doing simple tasks. Like a search through Spotlight. Or opening a file by another program "Open With" and stuck with that little process "fetching..." for long time. Or you notice a slow time on opening apps more than what you experienced before when your mac was fresh. All of this slowness problems are produced due to the accumulation of junk in your system! Therefore It is necessary to clean up your Mac OS from time to time. Here are some tips & free apps to keeps your Mac clean & fast.

Fast & Cleaned Mac OS X With Free Apps

Removing apps the right way!

When you uninstalling apps be sure to remove all their data and components that stuck in your system. To do that you need a simple app better than the usually way of uninstalling apps mac offers.
Simple to use just drag apps you want to remove in it, or navigate through the list and choose which app you want to uninstalling.

Cleaning your Hard Drive!

This is the critical point that will make your Mac more clean & fast. What I meant is not just deleting unwanted files to obtain more space. But deleting all the dirty data you don't want them like: Caches, logs, language packs, etc...
To do that you will need multi apps, don't worry they are all free, here they are:
You can rely on this app and forget about all paid apps. It's hard to know everything about it in the first look or use! But every minute you spent to understand it become more easier.
Used it wisely don't hit buttons you don't know what their jobs are!

Well known app to clean caches for Mac OS X and other apps that you installed like browsers for an example.
Also it has a nice tools like:
  1. Uninstall apps.
  2. Removing startup apps "apps that runs when your mac start".
  3. Erase free space "to prevent disk recovery apps from recovering deleted files".

Showing you a visually display of files in your hard disks, to know where are these big files lay in! and what's eating your hard disk space.

Simple app allows you to uninstall languages you don't need them, that comes installed in your OS by default.

StartUp Items

You need to remove unnecessary startup items, to make Mac OS X boot faster! to do that:

  1. By System: From "System Preferences >> Users & Groups >> Login Items tab.
  2. Or by any free app like ccleaner, above listed.

Memory Management in Mac!

Almost all apps that claim cleaning and optimizing memory is a lay, you should never use them. Why? Because os x can handle memory in efficient way. You just need to monitor apps that consume memory like chrome or others and used them wisely. You can monitor them throw build in-app called Activity Monitor.

Defrag Disks

  • Like memory, Mac doesn't need to be defragged! It can handle disk defragment by its own. But, there is one thing you must do to help this succeed! Which is deleting all big files on your Hard Disk, or move them to external drive. Why? It's to free big space, this is very needed to Mac OS X to do it's magic!
  • If you don't have big empty space you can use 3rd party apps to defragment your disks. But that will work just for a short period of time! because you don't have big empty space.
  • There is also a trick to defrag files, which is restoring your OS X from a previous backup! This will let OS X arrange all files into hard disk blocks sequential, it's kind of defragging!

Repairing disk permissions on a Mac.

With the new OS X El Capitan, you no longer need to do this manually! Mac can do it automatically like memory management and defragment disks.
If you Insist to do it manually you can with few terminal lines or using 3rd party app like onyX.

Apple says:
"Beginning with OS X El Capitan, system file permissions are automatically protected. It's no longer necessary to verify or repair permissions with Disk Utility."

That's all I do to make my OS X faster again like fresh one, all with free apps. Hope you find it helpful for you too.