Chrome Stylish, Style The Web!

Most problems while reading online are distractions within the same page, the small fonts, and the white shining background! Imagine you are reading a page on wikipedia. I'm sure you will face this scenario:
Wikipedia fonts looks very small, too much distractions when reading, and most badly is the white color that hart my eyes. I wish if there is a black mode or reading mode for wikipedia!
Unfortunately, this unpleasant scenario applies almost to all your favorite sites! didn't it! Therefor there is a nice chrome extension that save your eyes and give you black-reading-mode, called: stylish.
  • Download it from Chrome WebStore: Stylish for Chrome.
  • Official Site to download your favorite websites templates. Or after installed, you can click on the extension and it will search stylish for your current website.

Here are some stylish templates that I use for my favorite websites:

Wikipedia reading mode:

wikipedia reading mode

Google search black mode

google search black mode

 There are many stylish you can search for your favorite site, or even for that ugly site! :)