It’s Time to Let Go Your App!

One of the most hard part in developing your app is to let go and uploaded it to the market.
android developing uploading app to market

You app is almost 90% ready, but you being lazy! One of the procrastinator! That 10% is taking more time, energy, and emotional from your brain and soul. And you always ask your self These questions:
  • Why I can’t finish what I start?
  • Why I can’t finish projects that I start?
  • Why I stuck at the end?
Trying to answer leads to more confusing :
  • Is it doubt?
  • Is it the endless seeking of perfection?
  • Or the lost of excitement?
  • Fearing from getting criticism?
  • I need more Dopamine and motivation?
I don’t believe a plan gonna help at this moment, actually the plan dump us here. Also not a todo list or help tutorial nor waiting for a motivation to finish what you start. The answer is the Simplicity!
From apple developer guidelines, writing the ADS of your app you can glimpse you the simplification.
An application definition statement is a concise, concrete declaration of an app’s main purpose and its intended audience.
No need fancy design, cool sounds, animation, and especially the train of features you were planning (dump those garbage before your app become one of them). So, start focusing on ADS, ask your self this question:

What is the application meant to do?
Writing the answer in one sentence, and that what you should finishing. That one function, not design, colors, sounds, train of bugs.

And Upload that one function onto the market. Preparing your audience for that train in the coming updates :).
Let the simplification be your weapon! Don't feel guilty, simplify your app more and more by deleting these things.

Finally, that was the complexity holding your back and freezing project.