How to Design Your Developer Page in Google Play Store

Google provided a great feature in Play Store a Developer Page! Its purpose to help promote your brand and apps on Google Play. I see many developers didn't create their page yet! and some create their with weird design, so how should you designing it right?

Design is not a gift to born with, it is subject you learn it.
I learned from many great sources one of them was teamtreehouse. You can too!

Designing Google Developer Page Developer Icon

Points you must follow when desginig and choosing your Developer Icon:
  • Size must be 512 x 512.
  • 32-bit PNG with alpha (Transparency).
  • Make it circle! Because google gonna show it as a circle.
Examples of wrong and right design:


Designing Google Developer Header Image

Points you must follow when designing and choosing your Developer Header Image:
  • Size must be 4096 x 2304.
  • JPG or 24-bit PNG without alpha (No Transparency).
This is the tricky and hard one! I mean what and how should you design it? Your brand name as text and background? random wallpaper? But, from my understanding of what google says in this article “Create or update your developer page” about Developer Page:
To help promote your brand and apps on Google Play
Its clear that this page is about two things: your Brand and your Apps, and it should be that way!
  • Brand should be your Icon.
  • Apps should be your Header Image.
It is a big header image that you must take it as opportunity to show your greatest apps, in any design you come with, example of mine:
Google Developer Page
For me, I design it as flat background with black dim at the corner and in the middle it has four of my apps with nexus 6p frame.

The tricky part is to align and position your apps screen so it shows perfectly on web and most important in the mobile.
  • Developer Page (phone perspective):
Developer Header Image and Developer Icon

  • Beware that Google put a dark black dim on your Developer Page header from any of your apps page, design it bright as you could, example:

Finally, I hope many developer share their awesome page designs, comment it if you like. And if you don’t have a page, its time to create a simple one as mine.