How to Manage Developing Android Apps with Trello

Developing Android Apps might be small or big project to do, but even the smallest app can become very big project and a disaster one! So what you need is to organize your project plan. This is how I manage mine by using Trello, it can increase your productivity in developing apps too.

Trello: Trello’s boards, lists, and cards enable you to organize and prioritize your projects in a fun, flexible and rewarding way.

How I manage my Android Development with Trello

I use Trello for developing android apps, by creating a board for each one, and following software process management plan that it worked for me well. It also awesome tool to apply other processes model Agile, Spiral, Waterfall etc...

My Way

The plan is to have 5 columns, each one has it purpose, filling and moving your tasks between them. It stand on squeeze your brain into the Ideas column, and squeezing your activity on Doing column.

  • Bugs: Here you write every bug (as a task) you catch or popup to a user, just put it here don't work on it yet.
  • Ideas: Here You write every idea (as a task) that you have in your head, any new one too. Start by the first thing you are planning to do. They key here is to spilt your thoughts into small pieces, to keep your productivity moving.
  • Doing: Main column, here you start doing, move tasks from other column and bring them here to work on them. Its better to be few relative tasks each time.
  • Hold: any task that you can't work on it right now, because something holding it and you can't do anything for it, move it here. For simple clarification: you want to put ads on your app, but google didn't active your Admob yet!
  • Done: all tasks that you finished working on, them move them here. You might need to rework on their again in the future, so don't delete them.


The above images is a full example for one of my apps, which is a simple todo app. Also here is another example:

That's it

That was one technique and a tool I use to manage my Android Apps Development, I also use diverse of ways and planning to share them here. Do you use any way? Please share it!