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Chromebook V 20

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Sleeping is my drug, my bed is my dealer, and my alarm clock is the police.
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Age Of Empires Online Beta Key Giveaway!

Check it out in my gaming tumblr and welcome to followers ^.^

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It’s hard to explain, so let’s just call them the villains.
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Start using Firefox 4? this is What You Need!


This is first Collection I have made for firefox4. It has most of what I am using right now.

I hope you get benifit from it.

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Using Ubuntu For The First TimeUsing Ubuntu For The First Time

A couple of days ago, I start using ubuntu, and I think windows 7 will get a long vacation lol. So from now on I will try to post about ubuntu and apps that I used to fill the general needs for me and You!

All this will be on my 2nd blog:

Password: 1

don’t tell anyone

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Get recommend for movies and other stuff by your desire

This sites are useful if you want to find a movie, that is similar to one you watched before. Also music, shows, books etc…

For movies only.

Also for movies only.

For movies and TV Shows.

For movies, shows, books, music.

I blog this for saving and sharing them.

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I like this short movie too much, and I wanna to share it with whoever enter my tumblr ^.^

Getting Oscar for best 2009 short movie.

Arabic Subed:

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Auto Installation For Apps

Here some sites that I used to install programs after I do format:

And this on is for alternative free apps for what we used:

Also this one is social network for finding and sharing apps over the web: